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sooo i just felt like typing in a journal where i love the people that read

its elise if you hadn't figured that out.

ive been looking through avas pictures..and derricks..and dyanes..and brittanys..and it just ticks me off that i couldnt take my digital camera.

i also realized how much craziness i missed out on by moving down to the first floor in seabrooke. i missed hall parties! oh well theres always next year.

hows everyones life going? ive been keeping busy by seeing my friends here..but its not the same.

ive already watched my videotape of the concert like 192381029 times. i still get the chills from chamber choir..and yes tears do still come.

i need dr jordan and marilyn and boom..and MR RAFF!!

i love you people. <3
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Any chance you would like to send me a copy of that tape or put it online?

:D :D :D
haha of course! i added u to my friends list i hope you dont mind. umm if i knew how to put it online i would..but im obviously not as technologically advanced as all you cool cats. if you told me how i would..otherwise ill make a copy and send it to you both.
It would prolly be hard if you didn't know how to put it online, so maybe just make a tape? I'll pay you for shipping and the tape of course!

Email me:
pleeeeeease put the tape online? or at least chamber?

sure...oh and i forgot to mention it to jen..ill give u a copy if u dont mind my dad zooming in on me in chamber like twice..therefore elise looks like a major retard..but thats good because ava darling is standing next to me :)oh..and its not like a perfect copy considering the lighting in there sucked and not all of the songs are on it. like by and by and so on..but of course those will be on the CD! and my parents kept cutting certain songs off because they didnt know how much tape we had left lol..but its better to have something to remember it by :)
OOOOH OOOOH! Do you think you could send me a copy of the concert? I can PAY YOU MONEY or something. I definitely don't care if I'll be seeing your face a lot. I looooooooooove your face.
haha why thank you..and yeah i sorta figured u loved my face by that WONDERFUL picture u sent me. talk about a close up. and u dont have to pay me..ur love is enough haha. ill start recording as soon as i get offline.
Awwww you're soooooo lucky that you have a tape of the concert!!!! You lucky biiiaaaaatch!!!

I miss you bunchies!!!!!!!!!!