aliene_1 (aliene_1) wrote in wcc_vi_05,

Cross your fingers for a posible future concelor

Well I just auditioned on Friday to WCC to start next fall as a freshman in music education. I am really excited. I saw Britney there and a bunch of people from previouse years. I also saw John Brandon but he didn't seem to knotice me. He was in too much of a rush. But anyway the audition went great and I hope to hear from them some time in the next two and a half weeks! I am so excited. And I found out that my vacation next summer is pulled back so I will be able to attend VI next year for my last year before college!
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*finds community*

Um, so how many of you (that I know.. sorry) were on campus Friday and didn't tell me besides Dave??

And why is there not a community for WCCVI04?

Umm I can't answer the first question but I can say that the answer to the second one is that no one was smart enought to create one for 04. And here is a question for you. Can you re-friend me please? I got kicked out. Makes me sad.