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am i the only one that is actually gonna post on this?

just thought you guys should know...i just went to dish it out with my friend jenny. have you ever heard of it? if not, its an awesome place where you paint probably have it wherever you live but its just called something else.

anyway..whenever i go there im usually so excited because i feel like ill create the next mona lisa masterpiece in there.

unfortunately, it never turns out like i expect it to. most of this is because i am ridiculous when it comes to a paint brush. i envy the people who i see in there that can write beautiful things in cursive with a paintbrush. i need that talent. thats almost as cool as being able to peel a banana with your toes! ;)

so..this time i didnt attempt to do any of the fancy crap. i just got a pictureframe and bought letters to glue on it.

it reads: WCC VI '05..and i also glued pretty 8th and 16th notes on it.

as a finishing touch..there are two hand painted A's on the side..alto power!

ill have to take a picture once its finished. i thought that it was a great way to remember all of you this year. ill be switching pictures every month..but i intend to put the alto class picture from the recital there first.

much love <3
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