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I posted this in myspace and felt it needed to be here as well.

The summer of our lives.  This is to remember VI.  Please comment with more of your own.  These are what I remember.  Some were special moment, some where fun, some were just thing that stay with me for no aparent reason.

1. To sitting in a circle the first day remembering the year before and finding out that no one who hooked up last year was still together.
2. To the smilly fries that were the substance of life in VI.
3. To reading gayrotic stories in Seabrook even though I couldn't keep a straight face and then finnally passing the book to Thom to read to all of us.
4. To condom shots never have I ever that segwayed into ultimate truth or dare.
5. To sneeking out at 1 in the morning to go into the oposite sex dorm to talk, sleep, and cuddle untill the sun came up because neither of us could speek.
6. To Ava's and Thom's wedding.
7. To Sex!tet-1 and the glorious desaster that it became.
8. To watching Ed and John beeting buckets without shirts on.
9. To making out in the great plains.
10. To being broken up by Britany in the great plains
11. To everyone who went in single and came out with someone special.
12. To toga Tuesday...even though it crashed and burned.
13. To the serinade night that John wanted to secretly set up but never happened.
14. To DDR and karioki revolutions in Seabrook.
15. To egoflos and Mr. Nims.
16. To Mr. Raf.
17. To teaching 50726 how to be a man.
18. To manditory fun or the concentration camp of happiness.
19. To pictures in the town of Princeton.
20. To Mrs. Bass, the whitest black person.
21. To Ashley the shortest white girl with a black voice.
22. To dancing durring full choir rehersal.
23. To finding park benches.
24. To laughing with eachother.
25. To crying with eachother.
26. To telling secret that we didn't want to tell.
27. To venting and having everyone care.
28. To promises to return next year.
29. To promises to be a councelor in college.
30. To days that were hotter than hell.
31. To rooms that were hotter still.
32. To not knowing what our electives were and getting the scedual mixed up.
33. To chamber choir and Dr. Jordan who is a choir god.
34. To womans choir and the choir nazi.
35. To gay hiku.
36. To Ex-treme Latin.
37. To playing the pianos that were everywhere.
38. To the jutebox in the dinning hall.
39. To open mic night.
40. To Ava's and Ashley's poems.
41. To VI idol.
42. To waving good bye to people going to Six Flags.
43. To the computer lab.
44. To hugs and wondering how long we were alowed.
45. To staying out untill the coucelors yelled at us to go back to the dorms.
46. To watching the coucelors doing their rounds and mocking them.
47. To peeling bananas with toes.
48. To celebery look alikes.
49. To two weeks that should have lasted forever.
50. To friends who became family.

Well I hope people can and will add to this. I miss you all and hope your still ancord.

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