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weird times

so..counselor andrea hasn't emailed me back in a week and that makes me very sad..because she was my favorite one besides brittany and i miss her :(

i got my picture frame back today and it looks so good!

last night i had a really disturbing dream that chamber got up in front of princeton chapel and we SUCKED on the first few dr jordan made us stop and insisted on cancelling the concert. isnt that terrible? i was horrified and everyone ended up crying because we failed him. thank goodness that didn't really happen!

i leave for san francisco on the 9th (my bday) you all need to sing happy birthday to me.

if you guys haven't been to wavyarms live really need to. who would have thought that our alto class teacher would post such great advice to my question? she is the first person that i have gotten such a unique answer from..and i really appreciate her for that. plus, i learned some new things about her!

i've been reading angela's ashes for summer reading..and i hate it. it's just so hard to get through considering how depressing it is. yay for only having 80 pages left. that's one book down..2 more to go before school on the 25th!i hate being such a terrible procrastinator. (sp?)

i hope you all are doing well.

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